A concolor morph of Podarcis liolepis liolepis (BOULENGER, 1905) in Barcelona

A concolor morph of Podarcis liolepis liolepis (BOULENGER, 1905) in Barcelona


The term “concolor” refers to a kind of uniform color. In Podarcis lizards the concolor morphs only show the “background” color without the usual darker dorsal pattern, and these morphs are described for Podarcis siculus in the nominate subspecies (KRAMER, 1941) and Podarcis siculus campestris (HAUSER, 2009), as well as Podarcis melisellensis (KRAMER, 1941), Podarcis carbonelli (SÁ-SOUSA & HARRIS, 2002), Podarcis tiliguerta (BRUSCHI et al., 2006), Podarcis wagleriana (LO CASCIO & PASTA, 2006) and Podarcis bocagei (GALÁN & VÁZQUEZ, 2010).
In general it is quite a rare phenomenon, but in the case of the introduced population of Podarcis siculus siculus in California, the concolor morph is seen in about 50% of the population (DEICHSEL et al., 2010).

On the 11th of August 2011 the following pictures of Podarcis liolepis liolepis were captured at the old botanical garden on top of Montjuïc in Barcelona (Spain).

Image 2. Female Podarcis liolepis liolepis.

Image 3. Male Podarcis liolepis liolepis.

Image 1. Concolor morph of Podarcis liolepis liolepis.

Image 4. Male Podarcis liolepis liolepis.


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