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  Israel:  11 species
Acanthodactylus aegyptius BAHA El DIN, 2007
Acanthodactylus beershebensis MORAVEC et al., 1999
Acanthodactylus boskianus asper (AUDOUIN, 1829)
Acanthodactylus opheodurus ARNOLD, 1980
Acanthodactylus scutellatus scutellatus (AUDOUIN, 1809)
Lacerta media israelica PETERS, 1964
Mesalina bahaeldini SEGOLI et al., 2002
Mesalina olivieri schmidtii (HAAS, 1951)
Ophisops elegans ehrenbergii (WIEGMANN, 1835)
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri kulzeri (MÜLLER & WETTSTEIN, 1932)
Phoenicolacerta laevis (GRAY, 1838)

Acanthodactylus boskianus asper


Acanthodactylus boskianus asper


  (AUDOUIN, 1829)


The Negev, Arava, and Dead Sea Valley.


Source: BAR, A., HAIMOVITCH, G.: A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of Israel

Tamar, K. & Carranza, S. & Sindaco, R. & Moravec, J. & Meiri, S: (2014) - Systematics and phylogeography of Acanthodactylus schreiberi and its relationships with Acanthodactylus boskianus (Reptilia: Squamata: Lacertidae). - Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 172 (3): 720-739.