Turkey: Anatolia. Greece: Samos, Ikaria, Rhodes and the surrounding islands. 


Anatololacerta ARNOLD et al., 2007

Species (3):

Anatololacerta anatolica  (WERNER, 1900)

Anatololacerta danfordi  (GÜNTHER, 1876)

Anatololacerta pelasgiana  (MERTENS, 1959)

Species Typica:

Anatololacerta danfordi  (GÜNTHER, 1876)

Taxonomic notes:

Recently two independent genetic studies (CANDAN et al. 2016, BELLATI et al. 2015) were published to the lizards of this genus. Unfortunately, both studies cover only parts of the distribution area and there were mainly different DNA segments studied. BELLATI et al. (2015) propose considerable taxonomic changes compared to the previous classification of the genus by EISELT & SCHMIDTLER (1986). Most of this does not seem to be well founded. Therefore the concept of EISELT & SCHMIDTLER (1986) is basically maintained, but, as BELLATI et al. (2015) suggested, the lizards from Ikaria island are placed within A. anatolica, and the remainder of lizards of the previously A. oertzeni become A. pelasgiana.

Werner Mayer, 2015


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