Central, east and south Turkey 


Ophisops elegans centralanatoliae  BODENHEIMER, 1944


Ophisops elegans budakibarani   TOK, AFSAR, YAKIN, AYAZ & ÇIÇEK 2017


Syntypes: ZMUI (`Zoological Institutes at Istanbul University and Ankara (Y.Z.E.)`, BMNH (123+ specimens)

Terra Typica:

Ankara, Turkey.

Taxonomic notes:

Unless more evidence is presented, we regard Ophisops elegans budakibarani as synonym of Ophisops elegans centralanatoliae.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Bodenheimer, F.S. (1944) -  Description of Ophisops elegans centralanatoliae. -  In: “Introduction to the Knowledge of the Amphibia and Reptilia of Turkey”. - Istanbul Üniversitesi fen Fakultesi Mecmuasi (Revue de la Faculté de l’Université d’Istanbul) 9 (1): 1-104.   

  • Tok, C.V. & Afsar, M. & Yakin, B.Y. & Ayez, D. & Çiçek, K. (2017) -  A new subspecies, Ophisops elegans budakibarani n. subsp. (Sauria: Lacertidae) from Mut (Mersin/Turkey). -  Biharean Biologist, 11 (1): 27-32.    




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